Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Green: Third Party in a Two Party System

Sure the Guardian could have mentioned them, that's fine. But there's just no longer a need for a green party in Canada, concern for the environment has become one of, if not the top issue on the majority of people's minds, and mainstream politicians and parties are not going to have to have good environmental policies if they want to be elected. It's like any other good idea, it starts out on the fringes but eventually it becomes accepted by more and more people and it enters the popular consciousness. At this poiint the need for a protest party disappears — especially in a rep-by-pop electoral system like we have here.

Of course it doesn't help that those attracted to the political fringes often bring a lot of baggage with them, like being completely and utterly [redacted]. You can't go a day without hearing about climate change and people's concerns for the environment in the news, so I'd say we're into that phase now.

During the last federal election I remember someone saying taht David Suzuki should run for the Green party. I replied that he'd do a heck of a lot more good running for the Liberal party, and becoming the minister of the environment when they actually form a government.

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