Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'd write more about the election, but..

I honestly can't keep track in my head which of the nearly identical ill-thought-out band-aid solutions to fundamental problems belongs to the Tories and which belongs to the Liberals. Also the sense of entitlement that both major parties exude has reached an equilibrium state now that the Liberals think that by PEI election tradition they should be allowed to win because it's their turn. Neither of those two parties inspire any kind of grand hope for a better future, it's just two divvorced parents one-upping each other on offers of ice cream and treats to win over a child's affection, failing to realize it was the fundamental flaws in their own character that led to all his problems to begin with.

The NDP still hasn't made a dent in the popular consciousness to become a party most people would consider voting for, but for their part I'm very happy to see younger candidates who are speaking from their hearts and not embarrassing themselves with press-grabbing stunts in front of liquor stores like in previous elections.

By al - 4:42 p.m. |

Great analogy! But don't you think that our generation is a bit more open to the NDP than older folks? Therefore, we just have to wait for all out "divorced parents" to die off, and then we might get a real three way race!
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