Sunday, May 06, 2007

Go West

It's strange how I can be completely genuinely supportive when encouraging my friends to pick up and move away. It just kills me to hear people sound so down on themselves when they can't dig up opportunity for themselves in the place they've come to think of as home.

I sometimes feel like the odd one out for actually being pretty contented with my career and my life here. Not sure how long I'll be happy keeping up my current life, but so far my family and the closest thing I have to life-long friends are here and I'm happy for that. I'm also pretty satisfied with my current job. It's nothing exciting or earth-changing, but I'm good at it and I'm appreciated and I get to do a lot of different things.

I just wonder what it will be like when all the people I know have all moved away.

Maybe they'll all come back here when they retire.

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By al - 11:18 p.m. |

Hey dude...

I know what you mean.

So many people have left.

I personally think that, if this place is to keep developing, then it needs people willing to put the effort in staying here and work at developing.. like businesses...etc..

So, although I almost moved a couple of times and some places have "free-er flowing money"... I'm stayin.

I'm pretty satisfied here as well. Don't mind my job. I have family and friends here.

BTW, don't know if you remember what I mentioned on Saturday night... about debugging that classic ASP app.... it was fixed this morning.


Peace dude!
Yep, its going to be a big reunion at Retirement Villa, PEI! I might even chase you around with my walker!

I would love to be able to make my life on PEI, but right now its not about "free-er flowing money" (cause I'm not making the big bucks in TO) its about getting the opportunity to actually use all that education I shelled out for. Its about not wanting to work in a call-centre (at least not for the rest of my life)! And hopefully the experienced gained while "away" will help to convince someone, anyone, on PEI to give me a real job when I return.

PEI doesn't have a shortage of people willing to stay, it has a shortage of employers willing to hire and train them! So many of my friends returned to PEI after getting educated, only to find that no one offers entry-level positions on the Island any more. Businesses on PEI would rather someone else pay the cost of training. Then complain that there aren't enough skilled workers on PEI. Drives me crazy!
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