Friday, May 25, 2007

The Also-rans Debate

CBC radio ran a segment this morning where they had PEI Green Party leader Sharon Labchuk on along with Dean Constable, leader of the New Democratic Party of PEI. The premise was to give the longshot parties some airtime where they're not dodging crossfire from the two main parties acting outraged about one unwise big spending plan while talking up their own equally illl-thought out big project.

Now, I'm writing this as someone with a Dean Constable sign in my window, but I have to say he came off miles better than Labchuk did. He realized he had nothing to gain from taking swipes at her or her party, and instead talked in his usual way, straightforwardly addressing what he thinks government should be doing better to improve lfe for islanders.

Unfortunately this wasn't the sensational radio that CBC probably wanted, so they let Labchuk have the majority of the air time. What she proceeded to give us was a series of petty swipes at the NDP and those who've support the NDP now and have in the past - insulting and belittling the voters most people think would be the first to turn to her party.

Meanwhile, the PC party ca ntout successes in wind energy and initiatives in reforming the farming industry to claim taht they're the real deal if one wants to be conscious of the environment - no need to throw away your vote. I still believe that there would be no problem at all for an intelligent, well-spoken environmental expert to run as a candidate for a major party, and become the obvious choice to be minister of the environment in a ruling government and actually do some good - rather than following the road of uncompromising (supposedly) ideology down the dark path into the political fringe. Our environment deserves better support tha nthat.

Labchuk even dismissed the role the NDP has had nationally as the conscience of the ruling party. She can turn herr health card over to me, and I'll put it on display up on this blog if she wishes to stick to her guns on that statement.

This election is doing very little besides piss me off repeatedly.

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