Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was all in all a pretty good one, despite turning a year older today. I didn't have any kind of a birthday party, but instead managed to get three birthday cakes on separate occasions. On Saturday I was IM'd at around 8pm and ordered to show up at a party I wasn't going to go to since I was feeling more like an evening at home was in order, but when I got there, despite the rain, they had barbecued enough food that we were able to stuff ourselves quite handily. Then Kimmy, a friend from high school whom I've only recently started to hang out with again, came out with a birthday cake for me, and everyone at the party, some of whom I only know in passing, all started singing Happy Birthday. Turns out another girl at the party, Aarica, had a birthday yesterday as well so it was a double birthday celebration.

Sunday was a quiet day, something nice did happen though, a new friend that I had just recently met got on webcam and sang me happy birthday in Spanish with a candle in her hand just as midnight struck. Nerdishly sweet, to be sure.

Then today I spent some time with my family, and of course they brought out the cake that I pretty much knew was coming, but that's OK. I also got a coffee grinder from my mother, which I have to say is a vast improvement over the coffee I get from the 2 month old maxwell house beans in my cupboard.

Then this evening I wasn't really planning on doing anything, but just in passing I invited a couple from work over to watch the season finale of Heroes, since they had gotten the episodes to watch on their computers and, like me, got instantly hooked, but didn't have cable so I thought they might want to see the final episode when it aired instead of waiting to download it.

So as Glen and Waqqas were there, during one of the commercial breaks, Sabrina goes and brings out a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Of course, when I start to cut it, the show comes back on and I just say "OK, this is gonna have to wait" and turn back to watch. Cake is one thing, but I needed to find out what happened to Hiro.

So all in all without really doing very much this weekend ended up having some really nice moments.

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By al - 4:21 a.m. |

Happy Birthday!!! And sounds like you had a nice time...well birthdays are always special days for all of us...thanks foe sharing this wonderful post with us!!!
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