Sunday, March 25, 2007

Memos: Buckle Buester Edition

  • I'm having a really frustrating problem with my new iMac. The jack for the speaker cable I had plugged into it broke off inside the port, so now there's a tiny bi of metal in there that I can't get out becaause Idon't have a teeny-tiny pair of tweezers and I don't have sound on my computer because the internal speakers won't work when it thinks there are headphones plugged in to the speaker port. The best solution I could think of was to buy a Griffin iMic from Ebay, but I'll be grateful to anyone who can help me fix the actual problem. I'll then be able to use the iMic for higher-quality recording from my laptop for when I get around to starting podcasting again.

  • Had a really great visit with Justin yesterday. We hung out at his place for the afternoon and then went to Razzy's and ate lots of greasy food and stuck around and had great conversatoins about the usual topics; music, music and music, with a little contemplating the universe in between. It turns out that the world's biggest Kurt Cobain fan lives in Charlottetown and works at Razzy's Road House. She was enjoying sitting and talking to us, seemed like she was starving for interesting conversation.

  • Probably goiing to see Fuck the Facts at Baba's tonight. I love when they do the Sunday night heavy metal shows. The band is has quite a dirty sound, hardcore-influenced grind and some trash elements thrown in. My ability to sling obscure heavy metal genre names like a pro has slipped sinc my metalhead days. I wonder what it is about metal fans in particular that predisposes them to such ludicrous lengths of dtail when categorizing the exact types of music they listen to. Maybe it has to do with an appreciation for structure and order that might have attracted them to metal in the first place, since the music itself can be quite complex. On a side note: apparently gifted kids are more likely to be into metal than other kids. Go figure.

  • My DVD player can play DivX movies that I download and burn to DVD. Being able to fit 13 episodes of Heroes onto one $0.50 disc is beyond sweet.

  • I seem to be encouraging all of my friends to move away. What's up with that? The fact that I actually like it here most of the time seems to make me a rarity to hear most people talk.

  • I'm starting to listen to the audio book of Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. Even though I've already read it it's en even better experience to have it read by a skilled reader, the bitterness and wry humour come out so much better.


By al - 4:57 p.m. |

How small a pair of pliers do you need? I should be able to get that out for ya.

It's a regular size headphone jack , and the piece that's stuck inside doesn't stick out very much.
Pliers probably won't work. You will likely have to open the unit and poke it out from the other side. I'm pretty sure this has happened to me a long time ago. . .
I guess opening the thing up wouldn't hurt..
If you're willing to try pliers first, bring it over, I should have a pair small enough

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