Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Memos: Up Late Again

  • Idiocracy is the funniest movie I've seen in years. Yes, that appears to be what Sabrina was referring to in her previous post. (Remember kids, only you can prevent PUI - posting while impaired). I'm pretty sure I'll never not crack up at the phrase "Welcome to CostCo. I love you."

  • Tonight I have to finish coming up with trivia questons for tomorrow since I'm hosting it again. Rather than repeat myself here, I'll just link you to the Facebook event here. Yes, the entire universe is on facebook now, except you. You're the only one left. What's wrong with you, anyway?

  • I'm slowly working my way through Heroes and it's taking over my life. I'm up to episode 8 now. I'm only continuing to watch it because no one can learn perfect English and drop an accent in under a month so I know Hiro is going to be OK. The rest of the characters can pretty much go to hell.

  • Has anyone tried the new restaurant that has set up shop where Leo's used to be? I hear it's pretty intense, so I need a date to check the place out with. Inquire within.

  • I'm slowly getting aclimated to Robin's Donuts coffee since it's the only game in town out in hell Stratford. But one thing I can't handle are their breakfast bagels. They're even more ghetto than usual for Robin's. They use boiled eggs instead of the wonderfully fattening fried way McD's and Tim's do, and instead of toasting the bagel they heat up the entire thing in the microwave, bagel and all. Have you ever eaten a microwaved bagel? It's like chewing raw dough who's main ingredient was Vaseline.


By al - 2:01 a.m. |

haven't heard of this new restaurant but i'm always up for something new if you want a date! i'm free most evenings next week after 7. let me know when you're available!
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