Sunday, March 11, 2007

Post About Nothing

I thought about posting something since I haven't posted anything in a while, but nothing really significant has happened really. A lot of the same old, fixing stuff of the computers, house maintenance, paying bills, and taking care of stuff I've been meaning to do for months or years. . .

The yearly employee performance reviews were up at work recently. Not too surprising, I did really well. I've been working hard to get promoted especially since I'm much more valuable then what I'm being recognized for. A few impressions things I walked away from the review with: I'm performing well enough to be considered for promotion. I haven't been considered for promotion. This is the second year my manager dangled the idea of promotion at me. I've seen the people around me promoted the past year. I normally don't mind, but one of the guys I work with is now the same level as me; I just compare what he does to what I do and for some reason that pisses me off. I was planning on working there for at least a couple more years, but the review really changed that. My current sentiment is if I don't get promoted by next year, I'm moving on.

I've been trying to not take on more work for myself since I'm still trying to finish off stuff I've been meaning to do for months or years now. I finally threw my hat into updating the Moncton Motorsports Club web page. That thing hasn't been updated since mid-last year and hasn't been overly informative for quite a while now. About the only part that is updated is the weather link to the weather network and the event results. The software that runs the site is apparently really old and not very user friendly, so I suggested I convert the site to a blog. Hoping to make some time to do that next week. . . that might be over optimistic given my track record though. Since I'm getting back into the web maintenance mode, I've been thinking of updating my own web page again. I guess it's that kind of thinking that gets me into trouble.

I don't know how Microsoft does it. I actually installed Windows Media Player 10 on the laptop and it is absolutely horrible. It's worst than Windows Media Player 9. How a company survives by releasing products that are worst then their predecessor is beyond me. I started using the VLC media player, but that has it's issues as well. Anyone know of a good media player I can use to watch anime with?

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How often is it the case that being too good at the job you're in means you're stuck there? I hear a lot of similar stories.
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