Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LCD Glow

LCD GlowThere's something really peaceful about being up late, in a totally dark room with no background noises and just working on something totally engrossing at the computer. I miss being able to work like this more often. Offices are so bad for allowing creativity to come out and even worse for encouraging concentration.

In school my best work was always done after 2am for some reason, at least when I was working in my room. Other really great times, when I remember actually enjoying studying, were in the Harriet Irving Library at UNB in those little desks at the end of the dusty bookshelves on the second floor. Being in a space built for studying, as bare as it was, really helped set the mood and orient the brain towards a purpose.

OK, I just realized I'm hungry. Think I'll grab a little snack and make another cup of tea and look for another iTunes ambient audio channel.


By al - 1:24 a.m. |

Such a calming post.
I was always scared to be at the HIL at night.

Ghosts, man.
two seconds after we parted last night I couldn't remember the song you were singing along to at the restaurant. what was it again!?
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