Wednesday, March 21, 2007


green~ ah, the green people. you're the ones who know what's really going on, because you're read up on it, done some investigation yourself, carefully observed and assessed the situation. you get drunk on knowledge. you value intelligence, insight and justice. you demand explanations and answers. emotions don't run your life. you're the brains of the operation. you live by your own standard and wouldn't have it any other way, because you know better. you're a natural non-comformist, and you probably get a real kick out of it when you see people desperately trying to conform, or even better, people who try so hard not to conform, but ultimately end up looking and acting just like all the other "non-comformists".

you already know that one of your character flaws is that you can sometimes be a bit of a know-it-all, but you know what else? green people are the rarest of the four personality colors. you are brilliant and soak up facts, but put the books down and go outside and get a little fresh air. give your brain a break and discover the joys of dumb, mindless fun, if you haven't already.

Link: The personality color Test written by ittakesawhile on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test


By al - 8:53 PM |

You ARE a know-it-all but in a good way!
evenly gold and green~

you're pretty interesting, i must say. you respect authority and rules, but on your terms. if you can understand and analyze how a rule came about, you respect it. if you find fault in it, you still respect it, but grudgingly. your love of tradition and conceptual nature mean you hang on to the things that make sense and have value, and toss away the things that are unnecessary to make room for something more efficient. at times, you might be too smart and too rigid for your own good. relax, do something completely out of the ordinary to keep your routine, which you do love, from becoming stale and unsatisfying.
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