Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Most Serene Republic @ Hunter's

I just want to say that I'm very disappointed in all of you, and by that I mean all you peolpe with jobs and real lives who decided against staying out until 1:30am on a Wednesday night.

What you missed was the best musical performance by a rock band her ein months and months. Every local band should have come with a notebook opened to a page with the title "This is how to have stage presence."

They were a lot more energetic than I was expecting from their album. I actually have a hard time listening to Underwater Cinematographer all the way though because it's rather drawn-out, but live they really operate on a much more charged frequency, I couldn't get enough of it.

It might be time to consider early end times for shows during the week. I had to take a nap after work to even consider going to this. For a local band that is playing to keep people around and spending money after, say, Trivia on Thursdays, sure, stretch it as late as you can. But if it's a band that you want to attract people who aren't regulars perhaps it's better to start the show so it ends at midnight. I know a lot of people at my work whom it would be easier to convince to come out for a good show if that were the case.

Link: The Most Serene Republic @ MySpace

Update: Hey, the Internet is actually good for something now and then. From Steve Barber, manager of Hunter's Ale House: Link.
i would assume everyone is cool with the 11pm starts on Friday and Staurday right?>

Well Tuesdays Don and Laura are now starting at 9:30ish
Wednesdays we could get under way a lil earlier if that woudl help everyone.
Thursdays are trivia until 1130pm so shits out the window then!

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By al - 1:45 a.m. |

i am ashamed of myself. i wanted to go but it just didn't happen. was too tired to drag myself to hunters. don't worry i am already regretting it. glad it was a good show!
I really think shows should end earlier during the week. If I hadn't taken a nap after work there'd be no way I'd have been able to go to this.
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