Sunday, March 04, 2007

drinking with al and his work buddies

kay the night started out with the idea that we would do something and al's friend and co worker Kelly was going to come over but, my ex roomies steve and mat were going to go out for Nachos with me at the Guahan house first...that fell apart. So Al and I started drinking a bottle of red wine that I had and watching the Tv show that is al latest addiction and is actually pretty good. We watched that and each had a glass and a second when Kelly showed up. The adventure starts with more red wine and some white and then the young fella Matt I think his name was ( if you read the blog al like's to post on forgive my drunken state as I can't be positive of your name) and we watch something al liked, the name something like idio...something (again the drunken brain cells are getting in the way of making a good post out of this. we then went to Baba's and I ran into all kinds of people and had a good time...I do realize that al is right I need to get out more.

By Sabrina - 12:57 a.m. |

idiocracy, perhaps? hehe
best movie ever! (well, one of them!)
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