Tuesday, January 02, 2007


These two are copied from this PEILocals thread:
  • Get back to doing a lot more cooking.

  • Contribute meaningfully to an open source software project.
Tempted to write more to fill out the post a bit, but let's not kid ourselves.

Put your own resolutions in the comments.

By al - 7:03 a.m. |

Im with you on the cooking one. I would love to get a few solid recipes under my belt.

My main thing is essentially to just stay happy. I'll then be alright from there.
i don't really believe in "new years resolutions" because generally they are made only because we feel we have to make some sort of resolution at this time of year to make some sort of change, and chances are you aren't fully mentally prepared to implement the lifestyle change needed to be successful, and then that leads to feelings of failure/depression all because of one silly tradition.
yikes what a rant.

anyway, lately i have been feeling the need to actually make some changes in my life, totally not because of new years, and i think i posted them on locals. but for the sake of responding like you requested, i'll make note here.
-i'd like to re-learn the piano. i've been saying this for awhile now, and it's been sort of to mentally prepare myself for this. it's a big step. believe me. but i think i'm just about ready to actually make good on my words.
-actually do something with my pictures.
-travel more. which i will be doing in march. across canada wooo! (or, some-what across canada...)

that may not have been quite what i posted, i forget what it was i had said. but whatever. good enough. i'm not too worried about what i actually get done in cross reference to what i've said i want to do. so long as i keep busy and am happy.
Yeah I kept my more ambitious desires for the year to myself for the same reason :)

I would like to get back to being serious about music though, now that you mention playing piano.
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