Thursday, December 21, 2006


I finally got some kiosk time with the PS3 and Wii yesterday.

I played the Motorstorm demo for the PS3. Visually, very impressive. In the long run the PS3 will trump the 360's graphical prowess. But it's not a 600+ dollar quantum leap, it's akin to the difference between olskool Xbox and PS2.

I don't know how many developers are going to sacrifice gameplay for pretty because the early build of Motorstorm chugs along at horrible framerate. I hear the actual game's better.

The controller continues the evolution of Sony's original design. The two bottom shoulder buttons are now makeshift analog triggers. They're convex so they're not as comfortable and there's not enough travel. It very much feels tacked on to an existing design. The battery is non-removable and you need to use the USB cable to initially synch the gamepad to the console. It's lighter, but feels a little flimsier without the rumble motors. They should have started from scratch.

On to the Wii. I had to deposit my driver's license for them to hold just so I could play. They don't want you swiping the Wiimote. :) They only had Excite Truck for play so I couldn't test out the 3D pointer capability. The Wiimote's nice. I don't know how comfortable it'd be for long gaming sessions. Then again the whole machine is not designed for me. My first impression is the motion controls are gimmicky but it's a nice gimmick. Holding the Wiimote sideways simulates a steering wheel, however, there's no fixed axis to turn about so unless you hold your arms 'just right' you'll never match the precision you'd get from a steering wheel. I've read that the Wiimote sensitivity can be very precise but has been relaxed for the masses. I guess it also depends on the game. Excite Truck is full-on arcade. Twas enjoyable though, but I won't be giving up analog steering, acceleration, and braking from the 360 pad any time soon.

Wii graphics. Tis best not to talk about it. I won't be buying a Wii until the price matches the hardware. Which is to say I'm not buying another Gamecube (with fancy remote) until a price drop. :)

Local sales. Wii's sold out everywhere. People still lining up for restocks. PS3's are in stock here. They had some at Toys R Us yesterday and they're still available there and Superstore from what I've heard. I was going to get one but there's no way the resale is going to cover the cost of owning a PS3 at this point. They're back down to MSRP or a little over on eBay. It's not worth the hassle.

As always. When the game library's there. I'll be there. *supressing urge to Rembrandts*

By TVT - 10:28 a.m. |

The wii's graphics hardware hasn't been remotely tapped yet, looking at the specs, and considering it only needs to do standard resolution, and that the big release games are overly simple graphically (sports) or rush ports of GameCube games ( Zelda) I think there'll be a lot more surprises from the thing in the graphics department.

In other console news, would a modded vanilla xbox make a good solutio for playing DivX movies on a TV? That's basicalyl all I would use it for.
The XBox is just a PIII-600 with a now outdated graphics chip and not that much RAM. Would I play current DiVX movies on it? Probably not. I couldn't get stuff to play well on my PIII-450 a few years back. I don't think a PIII-600 would be that much better.
Where's my ideal set-top box, damnit?

Real Men Wii Standing Up I enjoy this.
PS3s can still be had in Moncton before Xmas. That's not too good for the mothership...
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