Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Haul

Got a couple of good things at Christmas, a wool Winter coat that my mom got me to pick out beforehand, some pants and jeans and wahtnot, a couple of ties (officially old.. ugh.) and Volume 4 of the Loony Tunes Golden Collection, which means I now have the full set. Sabrina is going to hate me.

Parents got a DVD player, couldn't figure out how most of the features worked but I showed them how to play movies on it. One of these days they might even be brave enough to rent a movie ot watch. I'm not betting on that happening soon, though. I think I'll get thema copy of An Inconvenient Truth since it's out now.

I'm currently reading The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. Started it the night before Christmas, and fell asleep reading it. Ended up having a scary dream that I was being chased by the invisible man. Merry Christmas. It's a great book, though, and I love H.G. Wells for the fact that he never fell into any science fiction stereotypes or cliches because there weren't any when he was writing.

Got to hang out with my cousins while up West for Christmas, that's always fun. They weirdly ended up all having good taste in music and movies and such. My littlest cousin, Terry, got a bass guitar for Christmas. Hopefully he'll enjoy practising on it. His older brother who plays guitar is living in Fredericton so they won't be able to play together too much, but hopefully it'll be something he gets good at. Everyone needs somehting to be passionate about, there's a big correlation I've noticed among people in my life between having a passion or something they can work on that's enjoyable and avoiding bouts of unneeded unhappiness.

I still have to buy a bed. Ugh. Having the same single bed I've slept in since I was little is not going to cut it any more.

Was at a friend's birthday party last night,, didn't know too many people so I decided to be weird and just talk to everyone. It ended up being pretty fun. Before that I was visiting H-Bomb aand Jeff from Windom Earle showed up. We got the idea to go to Karaoke at the VUG of all places, and since Jeff was with us, already making digareedoo noises on teh way ther,e I knew it would be fun. Sadly, though, the place was not having Karaoke that night, eliminating the only reason to set foot into that place.

By al - 2:28 a.m. |

i remember being at kareoke one time when jeff was there. not sure if you were there or not. it was quite awhile ago.
fucking hilarious.
Having a double bed can lead to bad things... random boys sleeping in your bed.

actually, it just gives more room for the cat.
I actually had the same single bed until I was 19 years old.

When I moved into my new apartment last year I finally had a double bed and my own room for the first time since I was FIVE.

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