Friday, December 29, 2006

Just got an Airport Express

Just picked up an Airport Express for the new place. Oh man this thing is neat, and tiny. Can't wait to get it home so I can play with it. We needed a wireless router for the new place since my parents aren't about to give mine up and re-string 30 meters of network cable up and down stairs throughout the house, so I'm not going to try and sneak it away again. But it will be pretty awesome for both sabrina and I to use my speakers in the main room and wirelessly stream our own music to it from anywhere in the house. Or if someone comes over with a laptop and iTunes they can play their own music without plugging anything in. Very cool.

The girl working at the Little Mac Shoppe was cute as a button, good thing she was kind of quiet and didn't do high-pressure sales or Lord knows what I might have walked out of there with.

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