Friday, December 22, 2006

Wabbit's Feet

So we all know that all cartoons are supposed to have just 4 fingers on each hand, right?

Well, did you ever pay close attention to the scene in The Rabbit of Seville (Youtube) where Bugs is playing Elmer's scalp like a piano to prepare it for the hair tonic / fertilizer?

Well? Did you?

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This is just about my favourite cartoon of all time, next to Duck Dodgers anyway. They don't have enough razorblade maulings in cartoons thesee days.

I'd have definitely put it higher on the list of 50 Greatest Cartoons (all with YouTube links. w00!) that was posted to MetaFilter yesterday. (Thread here: Link.)

Missing from this list that you should watch: Tale of Tales. (Youtube) Brilliant. Amazing.

On the liist, rightfully, is The Man Who Planted Trees. I paid quite a bit of money to get this on DVD as part of a boxed set of classic Canadian animated shorts.

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