Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Things that went through my mind

Why does morning come so early?
This happened when my alarm went off. And I was not quite ready for sleep to end.
Okay that looks hard!
This was at the gym this morning when I saw a young man working with his trainer, he was doing an exercise where his feet were on the bench, his elbow on the floor and he was holding his body of the ground.
I wonder what is actually going on in his head, is that what her really thinks?
One guy at work was talking about relationships and well some of his points were valid, but I couldn't tell if that was what he really though or if he was saying to look good.
I wish I was more like that.
yet another work story, where a girl at work was being discussed and how she never had a harsh word to say about anyone. I thought it would be a great characteristic to have.
I am an emotionally driven person, which in some cases is a strong personality characteristic and often a huge character flaw.
I was waiting for someone to come out of a meeting, so I could chat with them. And my mind started to wonder as I tried to discover more about myself.

I can't wait to get into the new place Honestly been day dreaming about it all day.

wonder what it would be like to be an elf...Like the kind from lord of the rings
my brother in law was playing a video game that reminded me a bit of the fantasy novel type thing. Naturally from this point I began to wonder pass the wondering to creating a bit of an adventure in my head.

I wonder how long it will take me to finish "A woman's blade".

if you been reading the blog for a while there is a few excerpt on the story along the way. More to come when I get a chance and maybe get a few more words in.

How much money will I need if I want to be really wealthy and not work anymore?

I usually come up with about 5 million, and well then the fantasy drift from spending money to being surround by hot men at a pool some where.
There is a lot more but it is forgotten now.

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