Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blog Droppings

- Exactly how friendly is getting shot at? And how many more incidents do we need to get the hint? If I were in the forces and you told me we'd be backed up by US warplanes I'd call in sick.

- Obligatory Steve Irwin post. I'm anxiously awaiting Discovery Channel's Croc Hunter Snuff Film Special. My only regret is that he didn't die from something more mundane. I'm sure Hollywood has the rights and the film is set to premiere next year. I'm all for homegrown talent, so... A lavish Peter Jackson production in New Zealand (of course) starring Paul Hogan, Mel Gibson, or Russell Crowe (take your pick). Oh. And the animatronic anaconda from Anaconda, along with Jon Voight and gratuitous Fosters product placement. You have my 7 bucks.

- I get all my relevancy through Transformers, videogames, and automotives. So you're not in my radar until you decide to make an evangelical videogame and it shows up on a blog. This is the scariest game I've ever seen. And I've played Silent Hill. Spookay. Methinks this'll get less public outcry than Grand Theft Auto 4.

- Thanksgiving. Mark your calendars.

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