Monday, September 04, 2006

Local Entertainment Update

Haven't posted in a week, so I thought I should make a little update. Taylor hosted stand-up comedy night last night, and it went really well. There weren't a lot of people there, but the BEP concert and a party out in the country sapped the potential audience quite a lot. He was also hurting for acts to the point where he asked me to do something, admitting how desperate he was in the process. That said, I have been keeping a running set of notes of stupid little contradictions and hypocracies and humour that I could turn into an act one of these weeks, if you're good I might tell you which day exactly.

Fortunately a few people came through at the last minute, and there were two new people who hadn't done it before up last night, one doing a really raunchy routine that made me curl up in the corner and wimper for a while, and another girl who told some pretty hilarious stories making fun of Americans from the Deep South.

Also the returning acts, James Madore and Dave Nicholson, told some new stuff and refined their older material so that the jokes hit better and were better timed. I'm starting to feel like a film director, who can watch a different cut of a movie and see it in a whole different way, hearing someone tell the same story but emphasizing different parts or punching up the humour, where normally hearing the same joke a second time is sheer tedium.

Fortunately there is a lot of new material each week, and you know, when I turn on the Comedy Network and they're showing stand-up at some off-hour, I realize that the stuff Taylor and the rest do is easily funnier than that garbage most of the time.

On another note, I'll be hosting trivia at the Churchill Arms tomorrow. Good thing I have the day off today becasue it can actually take a while to come up with good questions that can keep a room full of highly trivial people entertained and challenged without ticking off the rest of the room with the obscurity levels. I've not been good at updating the trivia blog in the last while, but I'll try and keep that up as well.

But yeah, people should definitely come out to trivia tomorrow. Bring 2 or 3 people and have a team. Also the curry at Churchill Arms is still better than the Royal Tandoor, which I got bored with pretty quickly. (The most exciting part of that place is the stampede that ensues when ever they bring out the bread.)

So between Taylor and I we're starting to corner the market in nerd entertainment in this town.

By al - 8:47 a.m. |

I've always wanted to come to the trivia you hosted. Maybe someday.
agreed on the curry! and that naan bread is damn addictive.

I hope this comedy thing is still happening whenever I get back.
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