Friday, August 25, 2006

Le Sigh

The rule holds true. Nice things have a finite life span, especially cars. I'll be pouring one out for my fallen homie tonight. I'll miss you Subaru Impreza rear bumper, RIP.

I got rear ended last year for obeying the flashy lights on a school bus. I just got rear ended for obeying a crosswalk. Killing pedestrians is like not cool. In the lady's defense her brakes did fail. Hence hitting me twice. Obeying the rules is gonna get me killed. Le sigh.

Accident #1, 4 days before I was going to leave for 'Nam.
Accident #2, 3 days before Mom leaves to pick up Trang.

I sense a trend.

Coles Notes: Everyone's fine. Brakes failed on lady's car rear ending mine. My automotive baby is hurt but nothing major. Screw Volvo. Subaru's proven itself twice over. Yes I'm thankful to all major and minor religions for sparing the occupants involved and I'm blogging about it cause it makes me feel better.

Le sigh.

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