Friday, August 18, 2006


The Mrs. has all her paperwork. She'll be here September 10th. All you MacKenzie peeps are invited to our 2nd wedding later in the month.

*big sigh*

By TVT - 3:53 p.m. |

Congrats Tuan. I'm very happy for you!
That's awesome news. Congratulations.
I'm sure the obstacles you've had to break past and the patience and persistence you've shown will leave a lasting impression with Trang's family that she's found someone truly special.

Very happy news.
Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Yeah. I'm lucky to be on good terms with all my in-laws. I like hangin out with them and I miss them too.

I wouldn't have been able to marry Trang without her dad's say so.

You get to inherit your parent's and grandparent's reputation in the community.

So if they're jerks you're shit outta luck with the ladies. Such is rural Vietnamese culture. :)
Yeah!!!!!!!. This has been way to long coming. congrats Tuan
this is amazing news! i hope september 10th comes swiftly for you.
Desperately tempted to call in "sick" for a few days to be back with you...

I am so very happy for you both and wish you a world of happiness.

I now anticipate sending you a Congratulations card for your first child in 10 months time.

10 months, boy. The gauntlet has been thrown.
Chantal, in that case, I'd have the coolest story to tell my kid later in life.

"Junior, you came into this world because of a post on the internet. That, and Daddy hates losing."
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