Monday, August 28, 2006

Stand-Up Comedy Night @ Baba's

So for the last several weeks there has been a very cool series of stand-up comedy nights going on every Sunday at Baba's. So far they've been hosted by Graham from Sketch-22, he's done all the leg-work of organizing the shows, getting Baba's on board, rounding up comedians and encouraging new people to give it a try.

The attendance has been really good for a Sunday night in Charlottetown.  I've walked in a few times to a packed house.  But even when there aren't so many people, like last night when there were around 20 or so, it's a very 'smart' crowd.  People who've come out specifically to hear stand-up, not a Friday or Saturday night bar crowd who'd rather talk to their friends than hear the jerk up front with the microphone.  Intelligent and edgy peformances have done really well with the audiences, and the loudest applause definitely doesnt' go to the guy with the most occurrences of the word 'fuck' in his act.  Only at Baba's would you be able to reliably get a crowd like that, so I'm glad they're doing it.

Next week Taylor will be hosting it, so he'll have even more of an opportunity to offend people than with just the usual 10 minute act.  Other people have come close but I think Taylor has done the best and moost consistent job of shocking people so far.  He even offended Lorne Elliot by what he says of the look on his face during Taylor's 'abortion joke' when he made a guest appearance.  Awesome.

So everyone should come out next week, and if you think you're funny you should get yourself on the bill.  No experience or anything necessary.  The best ones are just the people who riff on their childhood traumas or social awkwardness.  But the more the merrier, and variety is always good.  I'd still like to see the conclusion to Linda's ventriloquist's acttrilogy that she started.

By al - 10:18 AM |

k i'm definitely going to have to go this sunday.

i'm wicked sad i missed the abortion joke.
There'll be more, I'm sure.
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