Monday, August 21, 2006


Couple of Leipzig tidbits I wanted to comment on.

Execs are still yammering about mobile gaming as the second coming. They fail to realize that if you play games on your cellphone you waste batteries to make calls on said cellphone.

Convergence gaming devices that have failed or are failing: Nokia Engage, Sony PSP. Handheld gaming only devices that have succeeded: anything Nintendo makes. Is there a trend?

I still don't understand the fascination with global product launches. They rarely do it with software (easier) so why hardware? You just end up annoying consumers globally when you can't meet demand. In the Xbox 360's case: lots of Japanese units just sitting there waiting to be bought by North Americans.

Sony's got 3 months til launch and they haven't started putting the pieces together yet. If I felt like standing in line for days on end, I'd buy one to sell on eBay. Which I'm sure is the plan for half the people in line.

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