Saturday, August 19, 2006

22 sketches in review

Okay, I a sure many of you made valiant attempts to reads Al's review, as Al admits in the comment section it was bit long and had slightly negative side to it. But I am sure many of you read it. There are as usual a few things I agree on, I was not a fan of the killer clown skit, and the roll up the rim skit may leave a bit to be desired, but there were other skits that had me splitting a gut.

I found the opening credits, fun and not complicated, a good way to bring you into the show. I was amazed at the opening in how easy it is to find, closed business in this city, and how I reconised every signed stating, sorry closed they put up on screen.
The skit I will note as the Cumberland street skit (cause I know someone who lives on that street) had me giggling.
My favorite skit of the night was the skate country skit, where I quite literally had to hold myself in my chair. I found it a great bit of fun to see roller skate a gain, punk in jogging pants and a cape, and a quick trip down memory lane with many corny 80's songs many people still secretly enjoy.
The heart and soil skits also found one of the best skits there for making fun of Islanders. As a crowd we tend to find ourselves stuck in another era, and even though the younger generation is desperate to come into a new era the older generation is typically happy, and hate change. This particular skit captured that most beautifully, as well as showing the hard working life styles of a generation ago( you know the one, where they walk 20 miles in crazy snow storms to get to school) and the laziness of the current generation. Well done.
I was only disappointed that there was not more skits of that nature involved in the production, it is fun to make fun of islanders.
As well another skit that sticks out in my mind is the big dick one. Though the dead rabbit fetish was frightful, at best the premise was out right enjoyment.
all in all I really enjoyed the show, though I will admit I think last year's version was better and a couple of skits really could have been a bit better done.
Hopefully next years one will bring some new skits that will have me laughing in my seat and leaving with soar cheek muscles again.
If by chance ideas are running a bit short (I'm sure they are not) in next years white coat skit ( the scientist at sketch 22) should include a surveille of the audience.
I'm sure you could find a few very funny things written on the review that would be great to read up on stage, and might spark an idea or two.

By Sabrina - 8:51 p.m. |

I enjoyed most of those sketches as well. I like to think my writing is not difficult to read, though, and I think critical is not the same as 'negative' - which implies needlessly critical.
I guess it depends on who is reading it. I didn't say your writing is difficult to read, though I can see where you might have developed that assumption, I was actually refering to your ability to be long winded.
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