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"There comes a point where it doesn't matter anymore, the rain is coming down with such ferociousness that it has penetrated every layer put on to protect the skin. It beats down on the clothing that anyone out it in will wonder if it will penetrate the skin too. It really doesn't matter at this point, it is impossible to get more wet. Jumping in a lake would probably result in less of a soaking, fingers have begun to wrinkle and eye lashes get heavy with rain drops that drip off like those collected on tree leaves.
The layers of clothing put on to protect from the rain relay have become more cumbersome than helpful and removing them seems like a much better idea than dragging the wet weight of them around. Anyone who understands how this feels will understand how Marlee was feeling."

I started writhing this while I was waiting for a friend at a restaurant, as is normal for me (accept if I am meeting Al) I was early and she was a few minutes behind but the fun part of what I just wrote is what I wrote after that. When I began to write my intentions where much of an adult type story, then as I continued my scribbles I changed the way it was narrated and went on to a childrens type story...I don't generally write childrens stuff so the change becomes traumatic and well it is not my best work ever but here is the rest of my scribbles.

"Now Marlee was a young girl of twelve years of age and had always lived a happy sheltered life. Her parents took very good care of her and her three older brothers and two older sisters played with her when ever she wanted to play. It seem to Marlee she was the luckiest girl in all of the kingdom, until three days ago.

It was three days ago that Marlee decided to wonder down to the meadow and pick some very pretty flowers for her mother, just to show her how much she loved her. Now like may girls Marlee's age she was easily distracted by any number of things. So when a funny little yellow cat waked past her, Marlee put her basket of very pretty flowers down and decided to follow. Marlee decided it would be fun to follow the funny little yellow cat where ever it went.

But as you can remember in many other stories following funny animals can lead to trouble, however Marlee was a little girl in a time long before your grand parents' grant parents where even born, so Marlee never read these stories. Marlee had no story way of knowing what kind of trouble she would find following funny yellow cats.

Marlee followed the funny little yellow cat out of the meadow filled with very pretty flowers and right into a forest with extremely tall trees. Marlee barely noticed the trees until she was deep into the forest she had no idea where she was. Marlee looked up and could not even see the sky through the big leaves on the extremely tall trees.

Marlee who thought she was thought she was a very big girl said to herself she was not scared and that she would be brave and have no trouble finding her way home. Fortunately for Marlee there was no rabbit holes to fall into, but as it was a forest of extremely tall trees there was may spooky shadows to give poor brave Marlee a fright. When Marlee turned to find her way out, she found she did not recognize anything. All the big trees looked only like extremely tall tree and none of them where trees she knew.

Poor brave Marlee began to get upset, she looked left, she looked right, she looked forward and she looked backwards, she just did not know which way was the way out. Marlee was lost. Marlee decided she would try to yell for help but in a forest of extremely tall trees no people where around to hear her call."

That was about as far as I got and in the time I was writhing it I had a thought that I could right the whole story changing the style according to how Marlee, my main character was feeling, so the more child like she would get the more child like the story would be written and as she grew up a bit over the three days, so would the style of writhing. But if character had a bout of childishness, so would the writing, basically the story would portray Marlee through the language used.

In a similar fation to "Flowers for Algernon"

But as most of my writing I am just playing a bit here. While I am away I don't have my story to work on.

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