Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Look. If you've got a belief system and it works for you. Great. I respect that you believe in the Christian God and that woman was birthed from a rib. In the same way that I also think Yggdrasil, the Brahma/Shiva cycle, and the lovably dysfunctional Greek pantheon are neat.

I fully admit that science is a belief system. The difference being, we're able to question our belief system. This is good. Cause each observation yields new clues and leads to further questions. That's how progress is made. Heck. Nothing is set in stone in science. But without it, we'd all be handing out papyrus instead of conveniently bickering about it on the interwebs.

"Americans just aren't gullible enough to believe that they came from a fish"

To which I reply: Some folks think too highly of themselves, believing that Homo Sapiens belong outside of the entire animal kingdom. There's a danger in that, a certain disconnect with nature. Please. If you think we walked with dinos. Kindly. Back it up.

I believe in God. It's an entity that is the quick answer to the question "Why?". Why did life start? Why does the universe exist? Why do we kill each other? Why am I here to ponder why?


See how simple that was? But I's ain't here for the simple. I want to peek behind the curtain. I want to see with His eyes. And that's what makes the world so fascinating to me. If ever the day comes when my child comes home from class and tells me teacher said "evolution is only a theory". I'd say, yes Son (or Daughter), it is only a theory. Then I'd explain the scientific definition of the word theory. :)

Bill Nye: SCIENCE!!

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