Monday, August 07, 2006

Memo to Lou Dobbs

Dear Lou,

I am honstly trying very hard to take your protectionist rhetoric at face value and to give you the benifit of the doubt that you're not a racist.

However, today you described Israel's military actions as "Israel's lightning ground offensive in Lebanon." Now, when you want people to not think of you as a racist, I would advise against evoking 'blitzkrieg' when delivering your teaser headlines.

By al - 7:12 p.m. |

Lou Dobbs is playing to an audience, and quite well. His show's success is because people that watch want to hear simple answers, veiled in racism. Hey, wait, you are part of his audience! Why do you watch that shit?
I'm not a regular viewer by any means, of any TV at all, really, just happened to catch the beginning of it.

That said, his populist raving is at least less revolting than CNN and the rest of the US media's proto-fascist enabling.
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