Monday, August 07, 2006


Out in Newfoundland and in many other places I have been I have learned one lesson: You may know a city on foot, but that does not mean you know a city by car.
Today I was wondering around St. John's by car, and realized I use to walk around this place using one way streets a fair bit. I had to make my way around town and try to keep my sense of direction intact (anyone who knows me knows my since of direction is utterly non existant. In all honesty, I have gotten my self completely turned around in Charlottetown. Granted it has been a few years since I managed to do that but hell. Then there is the me lost in the woods story, while I was tree planting...Moral of all the stories, Sabrina is useless at finding her way around town.

So far my trip is going great. It is so fun just to run into everyone. It has been about a year and I believe this will be our last big hurrah, since it doesn't matter who get married next, it is unlikely that there will be anyone who is Marrying another member of the crowd. A little sad but oh we knew it would happen.

I managed to drive across the entire island of Newfoundland and learned that I don't tend to stop if it is just me. I had no choice but to stop a couple of time for gas and to go to the bathroom, but out side of that, I did pretty much drove straight, I left Port Aux basque around 9:30 and landed in St. John' around 6:30.

After my 9 hour drive I went to a bachelorette party. Found myself on George street. When I realized I was way too tired and had to go back to the place I was staying, I left the bachelorette party and found the bachelor party, they had the groom dressed like a smurf it was crazy, all the other member of the party had smurf hats on, it was awesome. I walked into the crowd and signed the groom neck, then they realized I was there and I got more hugs in like four minutes than I have had in weeks. It was so sweet. I couldn't help but laugh.

yesterday was a morning run and the bridal shower and that was a food fest...But good, followed by me finding my friend Erin and having a barbecue with her family.

Today involved, sleeping in until 9 then going shopping down town, getting my first parking ticket ever :(. Then when Erin went to work, I shopped some more and then met up with of my school crowd for a barbecue and video games...The bango game is hilarious and the Mario cars I really suck at.
Then when it was a bit later I met up with another friend, I went to England with way back when and we had dessert at a little place called pasta plus and chatted. It was so great.

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