Sunday, August 06, 2006

My face on TV again

Some of you may have seen my face on the CBC, in one of three instance. Once a few years ago, during the strike at MUN, A few months ago for a swim meet and a few weeks ago as a chemist.

First I should remind everyone I am in Newfoundland and calling my cell will cost you Long distance. I will return on the 12th.

Anyway, today I was at a bridal shower, my reason for being in NL, today and as you arrived, this German woman was doing a documentary on traditions. On your way into the shower you were asked to say who you were, how you know the couple and your wishes for the couple (the couple are going to get a copy in the end). As well on the way through the door the woman noticed my tattoo and asked if she could video tape me walking away. I agreed.

Anyway, if by chance you are watching a purple ankh walk away or if you know me and can recognize the face...You can say you know that leg :)

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