Saturday, August 12, 2006

Local Bands on K-Rock - Sunday, 9:00 PM

From here: Link.
tms wrote: Was checking out K rock's site, and found this

"An interview with JOEL PLASKETT, plus music from Smothered In Hugs, Timothy Chiasson, The Mystery System, Double Ought Buckshot, Rattle Snakin' Daddies, Nikkie, Wintersleep, Carmen Townsend and MORE!"

It starts at 9pm sunday night.
(Links to bands' websites added by me.) It's about time a local radio station realized that people around here actually do make music, and that with modern digital recording equipment it actually sounds broadcast quality.

Now hopefully people who don't normally go out and look for new music to listen to hear some good local or Maritime music they likeon this program will begin to request the songs throughout the week, and even *gasp* go out and buy the CDs or see a show. Then the radio will finally create a connection with the community beyond spitting contests outside the ATC. (though that was the most interesting thing to walk into the middle of on my way to work since Pt. Lepreau's last moose visitor when I worked there.)

By al - 8:06 p.m. |

well said, i'll definitely have to tune in.
I caught just a bit of that. It was pretty cool to hear local bands listed on the radio as coming up next
Smothered in Hugs would be good makeout music.
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