Saturday, July 15, 2006

Morning coffee

Okay anyone who knows me is aware that coffee is not my drug of choice, but this morning after not being able to get up from my bed to go to the gym, I decided coffee, or rather a French vanilla capccino would be at least slightly helpful. Since the line up at 7:45 was wrapped around the building, I decided to park and go in. When I got back in my car a man, at least 50 probably older (I thought about 70 when I saw him). Got out of his car with a piece of paper in his hand. He came over to my window, knocked on it. I was thinking he was trying to sell me something. When I rolled down the window, I nervouly took the piece of paper as he said to me. "A funny story for you"
because of lack of sleep and no mental function what so ever I was scared to read the paper, thinking any number of weird things. The top said "On the lighter side"
So I read through it.
The story goes much to the fact, a guy driving a truck, was approached by the girl driving behind him at the next light, she told him her name and that he was slowly loosing his load, every time she did this, he ignored her. After the third time, he decided to return the favor and when she rolled down her window, he said his name, welcome to PEI and that he drove the salt truck.
I think I ended up laughing at my self more than the story, but it was cute.

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