Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Insomniac Wikipedia Tidbits

A few pieces of clearly useful knowledge I now know thanks to my inability to sleep like a normal person.
  • Moose on road warning signs in Newfoundland are sort of hilarious.
  • Conan O'Brien is not a fan of Sweden.
  • The Land of Nod from Genesis was not a geographical place. Rather, 'nod' meant to wander, but 'land of wandering' was a mistranslation in the King James Bible, instead Cain was merely banished to wander.
  • After flour and water and salt, Play Doh contains Kerosene.
  • Sketch-22 has its own Wikipedia entry. Weird.
  • Saint John has the highest concentration of industrial activity on the East Coast of North America north of New York.
  • Surf Music was considered a separate form of music from rock'n'roll back in the time of the Beach Boys, and was only subsumed later on when rock came to be more of a universal term. Before that there was a surf vs. rock split in California that was similar to the mods vs. rockers split in England.
  • GEOS for the Commodore 64 fit a colour graphical user interface operating system into 64k of RAM. Amazing.
  • The building toy Construx was discontinued in 1988. This makes me sad that I gave all mine away.

By al - 7:06 a.m. |

GEOS. Good times. Good times.

Quantum Link became AOL...
But Conan loves Finland, and Finland LOVES him.
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