Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Human nature is interesting. Let's face it. We're curious monkeys. Whether it's the miracle of creation or the tragedy of destruction. We're there.

There was a fire at the factory across the train tracks yesterday. As I walked to the parking lot I saw black smoke in the distance. My initial thought was "Dammit! I only have 5 more payments on that car!!" Or not. But it was nice to see the Subaru safe from harm.

The lot was full of onlookers and traffic was actually coming in for a closer look. I had my brief "ooooOO fyre" moment then made my way through the throng.

On the flip side, sit me down in front of some assembly line "how they make that" footage and I'm glued. And that's how we turn a cow into a baseball glove, Billy. Fascinating.

I'm totally convinced men turn into home improvement junkies in their old age because they can't give birth. It's the same with modding cars, case modding, making models, woodworking, all that stuff.

I enjoy it too. I loved shop class. I love building stuff. But it all depends on how much effort I have to put in and my percieved fun factor. Model kit? Sure. Drywall? No.

But I can understand all the aspiring Bob Vilas. I'm surrounded by them. Not a day goes by without Kent or Home Depot mentioned. Come to think of it. It's a good thing we can't give birth. Ever see a grown man with a cold? Yep. We're huge babies. Now multiply that whining by 10. :)

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