Friday, July 14, 2006

Things I notice

1) many people have never really been hurt seriously. This is a good thing, but it is a relative thing to. I hear many people say things like, I got a crazy huge bruise on my leg or this nasty cut on my knee. when they do show you, you wonder if you should tell them that you have a bruise 8 times that size on your arm, or you have messed up your knee so badly it is hardly visible as a knee and you just didn't think your new injuries were all that bad.
2) From above I begin to notice that many people really are not that adventurous. Won't go to the beach in the middle of the winter to check out the ice flows, or try wall climbing just because. Hence the reason their great injury is only a mild one as far as you are concerned.
3)The busiest people are the most organized. The people who look the busiest are the least organize. Just watch.
4)All men loose their ability to be Macho when a small child or baby enters the room. I rather enjoy this one. Kids just seem to make men melt.
5) All mothers want their kids happily married with children. Check out my own mother, my aunt with her daughter...ask Ming.
6)Bills never show up and are evenly devisible by the number of roomates.

By Sabrina - 9:15 p.m. |

I'd have to heartily agree with the not adventurous part. We've got this whole self preservation instinct.

Funny thing is when I read that first sentence. I immediately thought emotional instead of physical pain. Just show's what I'm concerned with more. :)

I love kids and pets and the only semblance of macho is putting my quarter on the arcade cabinet or rattling off the specs of the latest gadget/car/plane.

Can't argue with the mom thing. But then again I love being married to the awesomest most bestest crazy funky cool sexy as hell annoyingly cute and can drive me up the wall with her whining but its ok cause she's got most of the same personality traits as I do person on this planet.

Y'know. I've always laughed at that Hollywood Love @ First SightTM thing you see in the movies. But umm I guess I can't really do that now. :)
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