Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Watch me make Duc buy a Wii on launch day. See? Easy huh? :)

Ming, did you know Greg's got a 360? There's a guy with a SilentGreg gamertag. And here I thought he spent all day surfing for pr0n... er autocrossing. Yeah. That's it.

By TVT - 8:57 a.m. |

Curses! Just what I don't need, more stuff to buy.
Watch me make Ming buy stuff - again.
I just read on a forum and I don't know if it works, but if you want to go through the small hastle...

They say you can get unlimited 1 month trials by cancelling your account\gamertag, create a new one tied to a new hotmail address, select Xbox Live Silver, and then you'll be granted the free trial.
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