Monday, June 12, 2006

Weird Mexican Candy, vol. 1

Aren't there days when you just feel like a Milch? I can tell you now that the answer to that should be "every day".

Weird Mexican Candy

My single biggest hope right now is that I come across a TV ad with an animated Carlos in it while surfing through Mexican satellite TV.

More weird Mexican candy

By al - 2:05 a.m. |

Is Sesame Street as risque as the Simpsons would lead me to believe? I demand more snack bars of the world.
That Carlos guy is pretty effen sexy.
According to a Mexican friend of mine, Carlos V was actually a king of Spain about 400 years ago when Guadalajara got it's city shield. Now you know.
i've always wanted to try candy from another country. ENVIOUS!

PS. I HAVE A VERY FUNNY STORY TO TELL YOU OMG! can we say shit-a-brick? oh my yes.
i'm almost peeing myself with laughter.
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