Sunday, June 18, 2006

And I thought "Asbestos" was an unfortuante name for a town..

Ontario is a weird place. Link.

Swastika, Ontario

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Lucky Cross Mill in Swastika, Ontario (1918)
Lucky Cross Mill in Swastika, Ontario (1918)

Swastika is a small community founded around a mining site in northern Ontario, Canada, and today within the municipal boundaries of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

Swastika is a junction on the Ontario Northland Railway [1], where a branch to Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec leaves the ONR's main line from North Bay, Ontario to Moosonee. The Northlander passenger railway service between Toronto and Cochrane serves a station at Swastika, with connecting bus service along Highway 66 into downtown Kirkland Lake.

The town's other claim to fame is its association with the Mitford family, who owned the Swastika Mine for which the town was named. In particular, Nazi sympathizer Unity Mitford's association with the town – she was conceived there – impressed the superstitious Nazis, to whom the swastika was an important symbol.

During World War II, the provincial government sought to change the town's name to Winston, in honour of Winston Churchill, but the town refused, insisting that the town had held the name long before the Nazis co-opted the symbol.

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