Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In praise of Pixar

The streak continues. I swear. They could just put eyeballs up on the screen and tell an entertaining story. Nothing but pitch blackness and a pair of peepers. I dare them. Pixar presents... Eyes.

Keep hiring Cliff Clavin. He's box office gold. My only gripe would be, why couldn't they just use the original Tom Cochrane tune? The new version was okay, but lacked something. The funny (sad) part is that those polygons have far more personality than the entire cast of Fast and the Furious 3. Which I will also go see. *slinks away*

By TVT - 10:36 p.m. |

I heart Cars.
Found the car/actor cameo list. Awesome.
Damn. I was going to post something about the Hudson Hornet. Interesting note, on the wiki article I was reading, it said the Hornet dominated from 1951 to 1953. . . notice the dates on the trophies in the movie?

BTW: That is an amazing list of cameos.
Criminy, I didn't even realize this was out. Unlike the previous Pixar movies I haven't been following this onne at all, so when I do go see it it will be completely new and surprising. Going to actively avoid reading stuff now.
say what. i'm PRETTY SURE i posted a comment here. something about loving pixar but being leery of this new one. i even looked up leery to make sure i spelled it right! which i'm not doing this time out of laziness.

...maybe i posted it somewhere else...

...maybe i should lay off the crack...
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