Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dance floor Etiquette

Okay, so I am aware you have been working all day, and it is stressful, and that night when the band comes on, all you want to do relax and have a bit of fun. But remember, there are dozens of us out there is the same boat. You might not think that anyone's day could have been harder than yours, but that is only cause you are not living their lives.
But that is another post.

When the Band does come on and you really just want to dance away all those stressful memories, here are some things you can do to prevent making someone else's stressful day worse, by ruining their bit of fun.

1) First, leave the kit bags, purses and such off the dance floor, if it is not here to help you do what you are doing, leave it home, or find a safe spot in eye shot you can put it. You might think that you little purse won't hurt anyone, or that little neat back pack you got from Mountain Equipment coop will get in anyone's way. Well grow up. As you are flailing you arms around that purse is swinging around hit people, gently if you are still sober and more like mace if you are drunk, you are knocking people off their grove, spilling their drinks and worse of all that back pack is taking up space that could be used for some more creative dance moves by the person next to you. LEAVE the bags off the dance floor.
2) Drinking on the dance floor. Now I get a bit to crazy for drinks on the dance floor so I leave them off, but many people don't do that, so drinking on or near the dance floor is okay, but a couple of things could help the night out, bottles, keep the thumbs over the top, keeps the precious drops of ethanol from landing on the floor and making for a slippery floor, glasses are hopeless, just try to keep from swinging your arms around too much. Glass should be done carefully, cause it really sucks to kill the mood, with a hunk of glass in your foot. Which is really kind of the big thing, if you are drunk, not buzzing but drunk, drink off the dance floor so less glass ends up in peoples feet.
3)Going crazy on the dance floor is of course important, but if you have smashed your hips, butt or whatever into the same person three times, and you were not intending to, switch up you feet a little for a different angle, try not to piss people off on the dance floor, cause that sucks. Moving around just a little will help everyone feel more comfy and free on the dance floor.
4) If you are not going to dance, move...Watch from the side lines, not in the middle where you are going to get bumped, just take a second to consider people are there to have fun, if you like to watch, go to it, just don't plant your self in the middle of the crazy dancers,and then get ticked at them cause they are dancing.

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Obviously, you know what this means right?


Wooo! Shake it! Shake it!
Testify, Sabrina!

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