Friday, June 16, 2006

Note to Charlottetown Transit Riders

The bus drivers in charlottetown seem to have their watches set to about 5 minutes fast, from me asking a driver what time he had, and they seem to get pleased with themselves when they are ahead of schedule.

This wouldn't be such a problem in a real city with a real transit system, but if the next bus doesn't come for another hour and a half it can be an issue.

By al - 3:49 p.m. |

I agree. It SUCKS missing the bus.
they are 5 minutes fast! here all this time i thought i was 5 minutes slow. so.frustrating.

also, in a real city it would be just as big of a burden if the transit was always ahead, or just never running when they were scheduled to. people depend down to the minute that the busses will arive when they say they will arrive.

i've missed the bus far too many times. i've even had to leave work early and lose pay just to make sure i didn't miss it.
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