Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A little privacy

Canada's Privacy Act. Can someone explain to me how this act is supposed to protect me? See. During an immigration interview, you're not allowed to tape the proceedings so it's effectively their word against yours. And their word is a sole individual with the power to make your life pleasantly blissful or a meandering hell.

Said person can inquire anything of you in order to come to a decision as to whether or not you're filing under false pretenses. They can ask what size bra she wears, right down to how many times a week you fuck. It's all fair game. Privacy takes a back seat to ensure this nation's security. It's the post 9/11 way!™

Heck. I'd take my wife right then and there on your desk just to prove a point.

So you comply. You play by the rules because you believe ultimately going the official route equates with the fastest processing. Then when you call them up, they indignantly inquire as to how you got their fucking number. Somehow not fully realising they are public servants and that info is public domain.

Then you're put on hold. When they realize you're still there - they quote the Privacy Act. They can't verify my identity so they're unwilling to give out any info. "Please consult our website. Our fax number and e-mail address are..."

Oh. My. We must stem the tide of thousands upon thousands of Canadians calling up to find out the immigration status of complete strangers. Truly this is Canadian policy in action. Thank you good sir for hiding behind legislation. You've clearly demonstrated that you're looking out for my well being.

I also love your automated telephone system that hangs up after making a choice of French or English. Give them the illusion of service. Clever.

By TVT - 10:34 p.m. |

I remember last year a friend of mine and his wife had to scramble to put together a formal wedding for a friend of theirs when they were informed that immigration required wedding photos to show a fancy-looking wedding had taken place, even though the couple had no intention of making a big public deal out of their personal ceremony, or wished to spend a lot of money. But apparently if you want ot be Canadian you have to jump in and throw a big wedding bash or else you must be some sort of scofflaw. Trying to find a dress and a wedding photographer on a couple of days notice is not something I'dever want ot be asked to do.
Imagine the super happy fun good times I'm having as a Canadian attempting to be a citizen in the U.S.

Trade you.
The funny thing is, it's easier for Vietnamese to become Americans because they owe a small debt to them, like say - invading and turning tail.

I can visit her. But she can't visit me. Her country is on the "have nots" list.

At this point I'd settle for a Head Tax and be done with it.
this is incredible!

i'm deeply ashamed of the canadian government for treating you this way. i sincerely hope your family is able to move here soon. they are lucky to have someone fighting hard for them. don't give up.

it makes me eternally thankful i was born here.
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