Sunday, April 23, 2006

Slowcoaster w/ Out From Under @ The Wave

Good show last night, though the Wave was as bad as it ever gets in terms of annoying UPEI students in their ball caps and generic stupid little bar outfits, which wouldn't be of note were it not for the seeming correlation to obnoxious behaviour.

But I wasn't there to mingle, the sound was good, though you always get the feeling that it could be fine-tuned a bit better. I only got picturesw of OFU because the crowd got pretty thick once Slowcoaster started and it wasn't worth it to try and get up front.

Musically Out From Under seemed to be a little more 'on' than Slowcoaster were. They have their identifiable sound which they keep coming back to, where Slowcoaster would meander a little too much and sometimes seemed to paint themselves into a corner with their musical wanderings.

Out From Under @ The Wave
Out From Under @ The WaveOut From Under @ The WaveOut From Under @ The Wave
Out From Under @ The Wave
Out From Under @ The WaveOut From Under @ The WaveOut From Under @ The Wave 
Out From Under @ MySpace

Slowcoaster @ House of Rock

By al - 12:46 p.m. |

Yo Al! Thanks for the words and pics!
We had a blast on that big ol' stage. It was nice to see some friendly faces in the crowd.
i wish oh i wish i went! but finding a way all the way up to the wave, then all the way back cheaply was a bit much. i also was out two nights before. i guess my poor old body can't handle three... eep!
thanks for posting your pictures though.
I got a ride out and I endd up walking all teh way back downtown when it was over. It was a bit of a trek but I had my iPod and a Sonic Youth album to keep me company.
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