Monday, April 24, 2006

Kitty 2, and walking in the rain

Since I've been doing a lot of political bomb throwing lately I figured I'd write about my day. I've been applying for jobs today, sort of a depressing act when you have to send out a bunch of applications and you don't hear back from any that you'd sent out previously. It's coming on time to be less picky.

Took the new kitty cat to get her shots today. Now the tradition of my family not being able to come up with names for cats is official. The vet's secretary just wrote in 'Kitty 2' when she looked up our account. Guess it's final, now. Can't contradict what the vet says. Didn't need a crate or anything just had to hold her on my shoulder, with a leash just in case she got away, but she never tried. Poor thing was pretty lethargic for the rest of the afternoon. She was lying on the couch with minimal motion in just the same way as my old cat did when she was in her 20s and was getting to her last days. Sort of sad, but this cat's got a decade or two in her yet.

Just got back from walking the dog. It's sort of drizzly out, so her normal hyper enthusiasm when I say 'come for a walk' drained visibly when we got out the door and the first little droplets hit her nose. Ironically, though, she's a lot easier to walk when she's not hyper. Normall it takes a minute or so to establish that yes, I am the boss, I decide where we go, and I'm the one who walks in front. She knows all this, but always wants to test if I forget. Today she just walked along beside me without really making her presence felt at all. I could have walked by myself and it wouldn't have been any different.

Personally I love it when there's just a little bit of light rain like that, it makes the air smell nice, and the cloudy sky seems very peaceful.

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