Friday, April 21, 2006

This will be my only post

My prescence on the net has been pretty much nil as of the past few years. Ming knows I've been suffering from depression. I had hoped not to resort to this, but life isn't always fair. Friends, I need your help again. It seems petitions are readily dismissed, so this is the last step before litigation.

I would be most grateful if you could all spread the word to as many people as possible. I've gone to the CBC and they will be airing my story shortly. I'll let you know when. But, right now every little bit helps. A concerted effort just might get Immigration's attention.

Please email the following. You will recieve a confirmation of receipt from the visa office's auto-reply and possibly the PM's office.


SUBJECT: File B047711090


Dear Prime Minister,

I support Duong Thi Bich Trang's admission to Canada. She has been waiting almost 2 years to be reunited with her husband Tuan Vantu. Please bring this matter to a speedy resolution. Details are available at the following website:

I thank you for your time.

By TVT - 3:38 p.m. |


Tuan, we miss you. If you need my name or contact info for any kind of formal character reference I'd be more than happy to help.

I know other people who've had some pretty serious headaches dealing with this sort of thing, so you have all of my sympathy.

Good luck. Keep in touch.
Nuts. So this isn't my only post.

Alex, I thank you for your compassion. I've been in touch with CBC but if you know of anyone else willing to run a story that'd be great. There's only 2 things the federal gov't understands: press and law suits.

The more attention drawn to this broken system the better. Unfortunately, the legal option isn't much faster.
Hey Tuan...
Look what ever I can do I totally will.

It's crazy it has taken things this long.

You can use my name as well. Best of luck...and Al is righ we do miss you.
The responce

This will acknowledge receipt of your email to the Singapore visa office.
For more information please visit or
Disclaimer: By supplying your email address, you are initiating an email
communication with CIC and thereby authorizing CIC to use your email
address for communication with you including the transmission of personal
information on your file/case.
Ce message accuse réception de votre courrier électronique au bureau des
visas de Singapour.
Pour plus d'information, veuillez consulter ou
Désistement : En fournissant votre adresse électronique, vous établissez
une communication par voie électronique avec CIC et, par conséquent, CIC
est autorité à utiliser l'adresse électronique fournie à cette fin, y
compris pour la transmission de renseignements personnels au sujet de
votre dossier/cas.
Sent! I hope it helps...
Hey man,

You don't know me, we've never met. I only know of you through Sabrina, but what I know of what's happening is downright shitty.

Email sent.

James Davey

My condolences, Tuan. This is simply unacceptable.
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