Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You know..

.. If I was the infamous 'Concerned Islander' I'd walk up to Kevin O'Brien's door, shake his hand, introduce myself and take his $1000 myself. Kevin think's the 'scorn of Islanders is 'punishment enough', I'd be curious to see how the chips land public opinion-wise myself, but I don't think it would be quite so one-sided.

By al - 12:44 p.m. |

Hah thats good . Check out my recent entry
Here's a link to the entry you mean, nice one. Link. This is getting people way more worked up than it should be, like I've said before, and like you said, the original blogger just sounded like a Tory with an axe to grind. But here we are.

It's the reaction that I'm finding fascinating.
yep . I have even put up excerpts to a few threads to which the noble take down specialist was verbally slapped around . Have a read and a damne good laugh !
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