Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Go visit Absolutely Fabulous

Sparse Victoria RowI was walking downtown today getting some lunch and wandered into the Absolutely Fabulous store, since the door was open and there was a familiar face behind the counter. This is instantly one of the coolest little shops around, with lots of cute little novelties and whatsits, some stylish ladies' clothes (apparently they only order in very limited numbers of each item so you can be assured of not appearing to be copying someone else. hee.) and little fraggle plush toys that seem to grab everyone's attention as you walk in the door from Victoria Row.

Apparently they're putting out a call to local artists and / or crafts people who want to try and sell their stuff on consignment. Here's a copy of the announcement:
Duke of Claire wrote:

The good people at Absolutely Fabulous would like to find more local artists to feature at their boutique and their online webstore. They're looking for photography, paintings, jewelry, clothing, music, etc to sell on consignment.

For info, talk to Heather at 367-3398 or abfabsales - at - eastlink - dot - ca
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By al - 3:15 p.m. |

up in cavendish, there is another store that is very similar to ab fab, has like 90% of the same items (not jewellery) at a much less cost. for example, this palce in cavendish, Treasures in Time (by Ripley's believe it or not) has the old fashioned Kitty Kat Klocks, i got one for vince for his bday last year!

i love Ab Fab too, but if i can save like $15 on a smurf figurine, i'll do what i gotta! though, with gas prices the way they are now, it'd be cheaper at Ab FAb anyway!!
One of my favorite stores ever. Ever!
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