Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thoughts from the orient.

I've never eaten trung vit lon (pronounced chiin yit lownge). It reeks and doesn't agree with my whitey upbringing. :) My wife eats it behind my back. On account of me making gagging noises that one time. Hee.

Then there's dog. Ummmm ummmmm UMMMMM! Kidding. I never ate any. My in-laws and some of my relatives don't either. Just like here, not everyone has the same view. Most folk don't eat the ones they keep as pets. If you're dirt poor though, protein is protein. The funny thing is I overheard the Catholics, in order to entice the locals, serve dog meat every Sunday. Snakes, cats, rats, you name it. If it's edible - it's at the market.

I don't 'get' the asian fascination with numerology. It makes us seem less creative. The calendar is all referred to by numbers. Days of the week can also be locations. I drove past Thursday on my way to Tuesday. Shops are numbered. You wouldn't go to McDonald's. You'd go to Eatery #4, after you've bought some pants at Tailor #6. The number 9 is everywhere as it's a good luck number.

Lotto tickets are sold everywhere you go. By that, I don't mean kiosks. I mean there are folks who'll ask you to buy them. The divide between the haves and have nots is pretty big. You'll see the Hilton right next to slums. Guns aren't a problem though. The commies don't let ordinary citizens have em. Easy to quell rebellions that way. But on a much more positive note, gun deaths are rare. Knife deaths however... :)

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The food thing was interesting for me as well when I was in HMC...there was a restaurant praised in the Lonely Planet book for it's cuisine.

I still have the pictures of the menu board (also in English) which boasts their menu of spiders, roasted field rat, scorpion and goat's penis.

as for dog meat, it's a favorite here too (although far more difficult to find since the Olympics...) and from what I hear it's extremely tender and flavourless...usually drowned in spices.

Korean food drowned in spices? Is anyone else surprised? ....
Jayme says she's had dog before, which doesn't surprise me since she's pretty much gone native at this point. Says it was pretty nondescript. Given Korea's history I think dog is one of those things you ate because you had to more than it being some great culinary discovery. Everything eventually becomes part of the culture, though, like that horrible-sounding 'army base stew' stuff.
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