Friday, April 28, 2006

Fine print

They're at it again. Using legislation as a shield. It's quite genius really. If you've ever had to read through any legal documents or filled out government forms, you'll quickly realize it's not written in English. Oh sure, it has the appearance of English, but it's a dialect unto itself.

I despise it. You take simple concepts and apply some wacky Chomskian transformative grammar, maybe throw in some Esperanto and gazpacho soup for kicks, and out comes legalese. An alphanumeric web of confusion designed to ensnare rational thought.

Grammar be damned. I'mma type it like I's thinks it. Screw the semicolon. Embrace the comma. Welcome the period.

Some policies and acts don't have any set deadlines for an action to occur. If they do, there's generally no real consequence for forgetfulness. Sure, there are general timeframes that are posted but it's a process where indifference can easily take over.

2 weeks ago, I filed a request under the Access to Information Act for information that belongs to me. See how messed up that is?

Hee. My avatar reflects my mood.

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