Thursday, April 27, 2006


What's in a name? I thought Dreamcast was horrible but it eventually grew on me. Xbox Three Sixty, had the same effect. And now wii get the Nintendo Wii. Maybe they hired Intel's marketing droids.


I fully expect Sony to counter with the PSOMGWTFBBQ. Actually I don't care what they call these things or what goes in em. It's the quality of the shiny discs that count. :)

By TVT - 2:12 PM |

so true without good games I don't care what bells and such are on the boxes... ;)

Mark my words. Queen will be a part of Nintendo's launch campaign.
Wow that's a bad name. Like, impossibly bad. At least recent game systems names used actual English words in their names, so even if they did sound a little bad (play station gave me the same thing at first as well) at least you don't sound like a retarded monkey when you say the name of the thing.
i imagine wii to be spoken like "wee" which could be fun, but only the mocking kind of fun.


i am so out of the loop with games and systems it's shameful.
i just recently bumped into an old friend who is working for a gaming company designing games, which doubles my shame.
Moe, I ell oh ell'ed at your post 'do you want to come to my house and play with my wii?'

Too good.
The gaming media is having a field day with this.

Super Mario Wii.
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